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Since our founding, we have prided ourselves in infusing full-spectrum cannabis and hemp into our products. Our process incorporates and preserves the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis and hemp we use. It’s why our products are simply better than the rest.

THC Dominant

Made by the best, our THC collection features a few of the most potent topicals on the market. Formulated for maximum fast-action relief, this blend is your go-to solution to the worst of pains and aches.

Phoenix Blend 2oz

THC: 1000mg



Dragon’s Blend 2oz

THC: 250mg


Dragon’s Blend 1oz

THC: 125mg


Dragon Stick .50oz

THC: 62.5mg


Mini Phoenix Blend .25oz

THC: 125mg



Mini Dragon's Blend .25oz

THC: 31.5mg




This collection has a 1:1 or THC:CBD ratio (i.e. equal proportion) of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol; combining the healing properties of both cannabinoids present in extracts from cannabis and hemp.

Cascadia 2oz

THC: 400mg

CBD: 400mg

1:1 Dragon’s Blend 2oz

THC: 200mg

CBD: 200mg

1:1 Dragon’s Blend 1oz

THC: 100mg

CBD: 100mg 

Mini Cascadia .25oz

THC: 50mg

CBD: 50mg


1:1 Dragon Stick .50oz

THC: 50mg

CBD: 50mg

1:1 Phoenix Oil .30oz

THC: 250mg

CBD: 250mg

Mini 1:1 Dragon's Blend .25oz

THC: 25mg

CBD: 25mg


9:1 Dominant

CBD Dragon’s Blend is great for those hesitant to try a THC-heavy topical. The collection’s main ingredient is cannabidiol (CBD), a potent antioxidant found in cannabis extract. In addition to cannabidiol and extracts of other restorative herbs, our 9:1 collection also contains other essential hydrating nutrients for your skin.

CBD Dragon's Blend 2oz

THC: 25mg

CBD: 225mg

CBD Dragon's Blend 1oz

THC: 12.5mg

CBD: 112.5mg

Cannabinoids are targets. Batches may vary slightly due to testing variances.