We’ve never had a quality tincture that is all-natural, affordable, and tastes good… so we decided to make one!

Lunar Elixir

THC: 90mg



1:1 Hybrid

THC: 100mg

CBD: 100mg

As with all our products, our Tinctures are about so much more than just the cannabis and hemp we
infuse. Each of our tinctures infuse whole herbs, flowers, roots, and berries chosen for their medicinal
properties and taste. We strive to create healthy, clean, and natural products that don’t incorporate
sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Each tincture has between 90-180 servings depending on your preferred dosage. Our tinctures are low-calorie, vegan, and alcohol-free so they never leave a burn in your throat. Available in 2 different varieties; Sativa & Indica varieties are strain-specific.