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FAQ Section


Q:  Where can I find your products?

A:  Our products are available in Oregon dispensaries.  Our “Retailers” list on our website shows dispensaries that have ordered our products within the last 6 months.  If you see one on that list and they don’t have our products, ask them if they’ll re-order for you.  Most dispensaries will be happy to accommodate you.

Q:  Can you ship your products directly to me?

A:  Unfortunately, no.  Our products are only available through OLCC-licensed Oregon dispensaries.  However, there are several dispensaries that offer delivery services.  So if you are unable to get to a dispensary, they may be able to come to you.

Q:  I live outside the state of Oregon.  How do I find your products?

A:  Unfortunately, due to federal laws, we are unable to ship any of our products across state lines.  Additionally, these laws do not allow us to help people locate our product who intend to take our products across state lines, even to adjacent, cannabis-legal states like Washington and California. The only solution to this is a change in state or federal law, so the only recourse is to contact your House representatives and Senators and ask that they look into allowing THC-containing products to cross state lines.  

Q:  My Dragon’s Blend has (x) mg of CBD in it.  Where can I find that blend again?

A:   Originally, our products were designed only with THC targets in mind.  Sometimes we purchased extract that had CBD, but that was just an added benefit.  However, we now have a new line of 1:1 THC-CBD Dragon products that have equal parts THC-CBD. Ask your local dispensary for them today!

Thank you for your interest in our products!  We hope we are able to help you #TamethePain!

How can we help you?