Herbal CBD Tincture 30ml

Soothing & Stress-Relieving

Our Herbal Tincture now has its own flavor!

For our Herbal CBD hemp tincture, we used our mouthwatering Passion Berry base to provide a bold fun fruity flavor while allowing the CBD to relax the body. Loaded with 2000mg of Hemp CBD this tincture will provide soothing relief while leaving a clear mind.

We slowly infuse MCT oil with a combination of fruits and botanicals to create a pleasant yet mild flavor that will stimulate your taste buds - all without added sugar! All of our tinctures are vegan, low-calorie, and alcohol-free.

Flavor Profile: Loud and Snazzy. It will have your tongue dancing for joy while the body slowly sinks into tranquility. Notes of Hibiscus, Cranberries, Orange Peel, and Apple.

Suggested Use: Start slow and find the right dose for you using the calibrated dropper provided. Best taken to soothe and relieve stress.

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