Crimson Berry Sativa Tincture 15ml

Uplifting & Stimulating

Our strain-specific Sativa tincture now has its own flavor!

This bright and juicy tincture is loaded with bright-tasting floral and fruity notes infused with 500mg THC from strain-specific Sativa extract. This blend will uplift and energize to make any morning brighter.

We slowly infuse MCT oil with a combination of fruits and botanicals to create a pleasant yet mild flavor that will stimulate your taste buds - all without added sugar! All of our tinctures are vegan, low-calorie, and alcohol-free.

Flavor Profile: Juicy and Bright. Think berry dew drops on a warm summer morning. Notes of Rooibos, Hibiscus, Currants, Rose Hips, Elderberries, & Cranberries.

Suggested Use: Start slow and find the right dose for you using the calibrated dropper provided. Best taken to uplift and stimulate.

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Cannabis-Derived, Full-Spectrum & Live-Resin, Strain-Specific, THC-Only

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