1:1 Everyday Lotion 60ml (Onsen)

Lavender, Lemon, & Eucalyptus

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This moisturizing body lotion was designed to bring out the very best of your skin. Containing 400mg of total cannabinoids in an even mix of full-spectrum cannabis and hemp extracts with added Vitamin E and medicinal herbs to breathe life into even the most stressed skin, giving it a balanced shine. Our water-based vegan lotions are ultra-nourishing and hydrating, packed with some of nature’s most potent botanicals to provide permeating relief without the oily residue.

Scent Profile: Lightly scented with aromas of lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus, this lotion will leave you smelling as good as you look.

Key Ingredients: Lemon, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, comfrey, coconut oil, Vitamin E, arnica.

Suggested Use: Apply this hydrating lotion to clean, unbroken skin. Reapply as needed to rejuvenate and refresh. For best results use this ALL OVER, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

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