Solventless Tincture 15ml

THC: 1000mg

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Our purest product yet, this tincture is our first blend infused with 100% single-strain cannabis rosin. Rosin is truer to the original plant, minimally processed, and contains more of the cannabis plant's original fats & lipids; it often contains a richer spectrum of cannabinoids & terpenes when compared with other cannabis extracts. We paired this strain-specific rosin with chamomile, lavender, & elderberries to elicit a state of true tranquility and bliss. Start low and slow to and the right level for you.

When formulating and creating our products, we choose to use natural ingredients (whole herbs, flowers, roots, and berries) rather than artificial ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free, made by scratch, and poured with love.

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