1:1 Recovery Lotion 60ml

Fast-Acting, Icy Relief

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This heavily mentholated lotion provides fast-acting icy relief, freezing the muscles and numbing any acute pain. Our water-based vegan lotions are ultra-nourishing and hydrating, packed with some of nature’s most potent botanicals to provide permeating relief without the oily residue. This potent lotion is loaded with a 1:1 mixture of full-spectrum cannabis and hemp extracts for a whopping 1,200mg of cannabinoids.

Scent Profile: Just a hint of mint.

Key Ingredients: Angelica root, dandelion, Vitamin E, arnica, menthol.

Suggested Use: Apply to areas of pain for fast-acting, numbing relief. Reapply as needed. Pro tip: Use before and after activity for maximum muscle freeze. Great for tired, overworked hands and feet.

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