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OUR VALUES // Intentional

At Medicine Farm, we meticulously and intentionally craft our products, blending scientific precision with a profound respect for traditional wisdom, to ensure each creation serves a purpose in promoting well-being and harmony.

    Stringent Research & Development Process • Unique Product Blends • Precise Dosing • Formulated for Specific Ailments

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    OUR VALUES // Inclusive

    Medicine Farm is committed to inclusivity, welcoming individuals from all walks of life to experience the healing embrace of our products, fostering a community where well-being knows no boundaries.

      Alcohol-free • Expansive Product Offerings • Gender Neutral Products • Accessible Pricing • Gentle & Clean Ingredients • For all Body Types

      OUR VALUES // Medicinal

      Medicine Farm specializes in crafting medicinal products tailored to address specific ailments, leveraging the potency of carefully selected botanicals to provide targeted relief and promote holistic wellness.

        Integrative & Ancient Medicine • Alternative Cannabinoids • Therapeutic Botanicals • Medicine First Focus • Holistic Blends

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        OUR VALUES // Stewardship

        Medicine Farm takes pride in its commitment to environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly practices to ensure minimal impact on the planet. Additionally, by sourcing locally and supporting the community, we strive to create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond our products, fostering a harmonious relationship between nature, consumers, and the local community.

          Glass & Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Packaging • Local Ingredients • Whole Plant Inputs • Reusable Containers • Product Donations • Tested on Humans, not Animals


          At Medicine Farm, we uphold uncompromising standards by using the highest quality ingredients and subjecting all our products to rigorous testing, ensuring that every creation meets the pinnacle of excellence and safety for our valued customers.

          Handcrafted • Small-Batch • Sustainable & Organic Ingredients  • Products are 3rd-Party Tested by an ORELAP accredited Laboratory


          All of these products contain THC derived from whole-plant cannabis. They are only available for sale in Oregon at licensed dispensaries to persons over 21.

          PRODUCTS // Topicals

          Balms & Salves

          Pain’s worst enemy. Our balms and salves combine therapeutic herbs, essential oils, & locally-sourced
          beeswax with full-spectrum cannabis and hemp to provide deep, long-lasting relief.

          • Phoenix Blend • Extra Strength Dragon’s Blend • Cascadia Blend • Hemp Dragon’s Blend


          Our silky lotions are meticulously crafted for fast-absorbing replenishment and deep moisturization, leaving your skin feeling luxuriously smooth and hydrated.

          Recovery Lotion • Everyday Lotion (Aromatic Woods) • Everyday Lotion (Citrus Springs)


          Small enough to put in your pocket. These potent blends provide easy, on-the-go relief without getting your hands dirty. Don’t leave home without one.

          Rec Stick • Relief Roller

          Rest & Restoration

          Luxurious yet effective. Designed with your relaxation in mind bringing relief to even the most stressful of days.

          Onsen Bath Mix (Citrus Springs) • Onsen Bath Mix (Aromatic Woods)



          Our tinctures are bursting with a spectrum of natural flavors, offering a delightful range from juicy and uplifting to sweet and relaxing. Crafted to be vegan, sugar-free, low-calorie, and alcohol-free.

          Crimson Berry Sativa • Citrus Chamomile Indica • Passion Berry Hybrid • Tranquil Herb


          Our elixirs are meticulously crafted, blending therapeutic herbs and alternative cannabinoids, to deliver targeted relief for various ailments. Carefully formulated for their holistic qualities, these elixirs offer a natural and comprehensive approach to well-being.

          Universal Elixir • Lunar Elixir • Easing Elixir • Mood Elixir

          PRODUCTS // Chocolates


          Indulge in our vegan craft dark chocolates, each piece embodying a rich and buttery texture while being expertly scored for precise dosing, ensuring a delightful experience that combines decadence with accurate and controlled consumption.

          CBD w/ Hawaiian Aleae Salt • CBN w/ Cyprus Flake Salt • CBG w/ Himalayan Pink Salt

          Find Relief in Cannabis

          Harvesting Success

          Our Medicine Farm’s Award-Winning Success

          Dope Cup

          Oregon Leaf Bowl 2024

          • Winner Best Balm & Salve *Phoenix Blend
          • Runner Up Best Alternative Cannabinoid *Universal Elixir

          Oregon Leaf Bowl 2023

          • Winner Best Topical Transdermal l *Relief roller
          • Winner Best Topical Cream/ Lotion *Hemp Dragon Blend
          • Runner Up Edibles Best Tincture *Citrus Chamomile

          Oregon Leaf Bowl 2022

          • Runner Up Edibles Best Tincture *Lunar Elixir
          • Winner Best Topical *Phoenix Lotion
          • Runner Up Best Topical *Onsen Soaking Salts

          Oregon Growers Cup 2021

          • First Place Salve *Cascadia Blend

          Leaflink List 2019

          • Winner Fastest Growing product *Phoenix Blend